About Us

Our History and Commitment 

For over a decade, Braven has been developing, testing and perfecting our waste plastics processing with our Braven Reactor Train™, and building the early support needed to prove our solution at commercial scale. We studied the waste-to-energy companies that came before us, and we understand why they’ve struggled. As a result, we now know that we can deliver strong financial returns that yield long-term, triple-bottom-line success for our partners, customers, investors and most importantly—for the generations that will inherit our earth. That success is a result of applying an entrepreneurial mindset to solving a global problem.

We are now able to develop facilities with our BRT™ quickly and efficiently across the globe because our business model is as focused, efficient and sound as our solution to waste plastics. We are building a legacy company designed to create lasting change, and we believe that the people behind the technology are an invaluable part of our success. We are inspired by their steadfast dedication to the mission, commitment to a strong and inspiring culture, and willingness to show up everyday to play their part in changing the world.

Our Team


James Simon

President and Chief Executive Officer

heath dipriest

Heath DePriest

Operating Officer


Michael Moreno



Jeffrey D. Neumann

Jeffrey Neumann

Chief Administrative Officer


Jesse Goellner

Technology Officer

Our Triple Bottom
Line Promise

With every new facility established by Braven, we create job growth and support local initiatives to better care for the communities. We are committed to using a localized workforce to fill positions across the spectrum, especially pulling from local trade schools, colleges and universities. We are further dedicated to create a fair, safe and prosperous work environment, driven by strong family ties within the company itself.


Let’s give waste plastics a valuable second life.